Base Support Services

       Mission: To provide Military, Government & Civilian contractors with world class facilities & Infrastructure maintenance support services at high risk disaster zones with high service levels.

     Gateway has strategic partnerships with Facilities/Utilities Management companies to cater to the dynamic needs of the army base operations.  From providing habitable living accommodations to arranging food, water, sanitation services, setting up camps in the middle of a desert is a challenge we love to execute with finesse. Gateway has strategic partnership with  Car rental companies in almost all Middle  East countries and it is capable to lease NTVs as per clients requirement immediately.

The Current Services available’s

The Current Services availables are

  • NTV leasing
  • Armored vehicles leasing
  • Bus and Truck Rental Services
  • MIME leasing
  • Generator leasing
  • Design and installation of pre-fabricated living quarters DFAC & Catering Services Cleaning Services
  • Waste Management Services
  • Utilities Maintenance & Repairs
  • Laundry Services
  • Power Generation services Computer, Printer and Copier Maintenance
  • CC TV Installation
  • Door access Control System