Gateway-DSS is a recognized world leader in engineering, fabrication, supplies and services of industrial products in the field of Oil and Gas, Marine onshore and offshore, mining, power generation and other industrial sectors.
To carve a niche in business sector, Gateway-DSS ventured into the prolonged and intensive business tactics for the identity in the world market. At present, Gateway-DSS is acclaimed as one of the hallmarks in trade, production and industry standard.
Our slogan, “Everything is Possible,” shows the accomplishment in each level of practice and degree of perfection providing the 24X7 service. The ways of approach, etiquette, implementing the business acumen, strategies and ethics are to the proven track record. As per the feedback from our existing customers we are delivering the relevant, compatible and up-to-date technology and addressing ourselves as one of the indispensable service providers.
The state-of-the-art technology provided with trendy mechanism sustains the service and support in the grassroots level.

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In every nook and cranny of the world, DSS has explored the access to the air, sea and road transport, with nominal freight charges and rate.
The rise and raise in our business happens because of the competitive price and charges irrespective of the countries of origin. This is because of our presence in 16 countries and 5 continents.
‘Sortable and Quotable Quotes,’ our business jargon that tells how the procedure works to obtain the point of support and services. This leads to the betterment of business, customer support and care.
People all over the world contemplate on our industry jargon that we must fulfill all needs of our customers.

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     Gateway provides leading products to multiple industries. Our network of procurement offices on various continents enable us to supply a vast range of products at the lowest price, while our warehousing system in Central Asia enables us to provide items quickly.

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     To provide Military, Government Civilian contractors with world class facilities Infrastructure maintenance support services at high risk disaster zones with high service levels.

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     The very thing is to implement the full extent of construction technics and it includes trouble driving through construction zones and requiring far more human intervention than competing companies. The above issues are very well managed in accordance with current Gateway-DSS techniques and multiple domains

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